Noah’s Ark Is Now Boarding!

Hello friends. We are happy that you stopped by.
Noah’s Ark At The Lodge began in 2010 as a grass-roots, community effort led by Lorilee to address the lack of service available to the poor and needy in the NE Washington area. 
At Noah’s Ark at the Lodge, we embrace diversity and seek to empower those in need to help them meet their own needs while building friendships of strength throughout the community. We value the uniqueness of each precious family brought into our care.
Currently we have 4 programs available:
Noah’s Ark At The Lodge: We provide transportation of clothing, household needs, furniture and food to needy families who do not have the ability to acquire the needed items due to being elderly, handicapped or disadvantaged. We provide emergency temporary housing for pregnant women while they wait for suitable accommodations. We transport elderly, handicap individuals and pregnant teens to services. We also distribute essential baby items, clothing and other essentials to families in need.
Our Objectives: To work with disadvantaged individuals and families in our area, regardless of ethnicity, religion or political beliefs and to encourage them to help themselves.
The GodSquad- Transportation to services, bringing needed supplies to the people, helping in roadside assistance when need be, feeding elderly, taking medications to elderly or ill, and being there for the community.
Colville’s Little Angel Gardening Club– a new program was launched in 2013 to reconfigure 2 acres of property at the lodge to grow food for 4 local food banks.
Mission Statement: To provide a local source of organically grown fruits and vegetables to be given to the food banks, educate young people and adults about the benefits of gardening, and cultivate a community of individuals committed to sustainable land use for the benefit of others.
Our Objectives: To facilitate food production: With support of our volunteers, we encourage people to give back to the community by sharing garden produce, knowledge, and our dedication with others. Everything produced in the gardens are given to our local food banks. We encourage organic, non-chemical growing techniques to provide healthy and organic food within healthy organic soil.
Empowering Angels- this program was designed to teach domestic violence victims how to use foundation and makeup to cover scars from violence. It gives us the ability to reach out to our community and tell them about resources in our area for domestic violence.
Thank you for empowering us to help others.