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Currently we have 4 programs available:

Noah’s Ark- housing those in serious situations; teenage pregnancies, single moms with children, handicapped mothers or disabled children that needed a helping hand while they waited for appropriate shelter.  Most of the time all that is needed is a friend. However, once in a while it is all hands on deck up here. We currently need a travel trailer or wood to build extra cabins.

The GodSquad- Transportation to services, bringing needed supplies to the people, helping in roadside assistance when need be, feeding elderly, taking medications to elderly or ill, and being there for the community. We are looking for more reliable vehicles because my Suburban and Dawn’s Van are breaking down a lot. They are just so old that they require a lot to keep them going. We know we are suppose to have faith, but it would be nice not to have to worry so much.

Empowering Angels- this program was designed to teach domestic violence victims how to use foundation and makeup to cover scars from violence.  It gives us the ability to reach out to our community and tell them about resources in our area for domestic violence. We need donated makeup supplies. Samples or small containers are best, as we can only use each product on one person.

Colville’s Tiny Angel Gardening Club- This program enables us to use 2 acres for needy or disabled children to garden. Proceeds will go to needy familes or to the local food bank. We could use seeds, garden hoses, green house plastic, and other gardening supplies.

Thank you for empowering us to help others.

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